Count Your Blessings

Thanksgiving is the time of year when people reflect on the things for which they are grateful.  If you have a Facebook account, you’ve no doubt noticed postings from your friends counting down the days in November with a daily thanksgiving post.

Worshipers surveyed in the U.S. Congregational Life Survey (US CLS) were asked to agree or disagree to questions dealing with gratefulness.  Nearly all worshipers agreed they were “grateful for all God has done for me,” agreed that the list of all the things God has done would be a very long list, and agreed that they had been richly blessed by God.   Worshipers from Catholic and Conservative congregations tended to be more grateful than worshipers from mainline congregations.  The table below compares faith traditions.


Gratitude affects the pocketbook.  Eight in ten worshipers (84%) said a sense of gratitude for God’s love and goodness were an influence in giving to the congregation. This was stronger in worshipers in conservative congregations (94%).  Only a little more than half noted that being grateful for help they or their family received from the congregation affects their giving to the congregation (55%).  This was stronger for worshipers in mainline congregations (58%).


What are you thankful for?  From the staff of the US CLS office, may you enjoy the spirit of the Thanksgiving season and may it live on for more than 30 days!  Happy Thanksgiving!