How Much Do Growing Presbyterian Churches Reach Out? Let Us Count the Ways!

The fastest-growing Presbyterian churches exhibit an outstanding ability to reach out to their members, potential worshipers, and people in need. Think of these churches as having more tentacles than the most gregarious octopus! Comparing growing PC(USA) congregations to a random sample of PC(USA) churches reveals the reach of their tentacles.

More growing churches than others reach out to, communicate with, and involve members in these ways:

  • Use a church website to communicate with worshipers
  • Use email to communicate with worshipers
  • Invite new members to serve in the church (help in worship, for example)
  • Invite new members to join a group (fellowship group, Sunday school, or others)
  • Invite new members to serve in the community
  • Offer a group or course for new members

Reach out
More growing churches than others reach out to potential new members in these ways:

  • Offer more than one worship service weekly
  • Started a new worship service in past year
  • Send letter to recent visitors
  • Send email to recent visitors
  • Phone recent visitors
  • Maintain a user-friendly website

Reach 2 110
More growing churches than others reach out to people in need by:

  • Offering emergency relief
  • Offering counseling or support groups
  • Offering programs for children and youth
  • Offering arts, music, or cultural programs
  • Offering health programs
  • Offering leisure activities
  • Offering hobby or craft groups
  • Transporting people to worship
  • Sponsoring a mission trip (in the past year), sending members to help people in need
  • Allowing community groups to use their facilities

 Reach 3 110
The top 23. Growing churches multiply their impact by multiplying their methods. We’ve found 23 different strategies that expand their mission and ministries. Review the many efforts in the lists above that growing churches use to connect with worshipers and those outside their doors. Can your congregation consider undertaking one or more of these to increase your reach?