Why People Don't Go to Church

Why people don't go to church   Essential reading for those who care about church life and mission. Released by the National Church Life Survey (NCLS) in Australia in August 2002, this book gives a unique perspective of the churches through the eyes of those who do not go. Why People Don’t Go to Church reveals: (a) the importance of social influences on why people don’t go, (b) the size of the cultural and religious gap between church attenders and those who do not go, (c) the reactions of people on the times when they do go to church, and (d) the great need for vital churches and new forms of church to better connect with people. Order now from NCLS ($11 plus shipping).

Initial Impressions 2001

Initial Impressions   Initial Impressions 2001 is designed to share some preliminary national results from the 2001 Australian National Church Life Survey, one of the most comprehensive databases on church life and mission anywhere in the world. A range of important issues are explored including attenders’ faith and experience of worship, their patterns of involvement and sense of belonging, the preparedness of attenders to share their faith with others, willingness to invite others to church, involvement in community groups and the helping of others in informal ways. Finally, consideration is given to leadership issues and the attitudes of attenders to the future direction of their congregation or parish. Initial Impressions 2001 also contains breakdowns both by age group and denomination. Order now from NCLS ($10 plus shipping).

Burnout in Church Leaders

Burnout in church leaders   Based on exclusive research into Australian churches and their leaders (that is also helpful to congregations in the U.S. and their leaders), Burnout in Church Leaders reveals: (a) who is at risk and why, (b) which congregations are dangerous, (c) leadership styles that help or hinder, and (d) how to pick your way through the burnout minefield and survive! Burnout in Church Leaders includes simple exercises to help you think through the issues as well as thoughtful and practical advice for managing job stress. It is essential reading for all ordained and lay church leaders--and those who care for them. Order now from NCLS ($23 plus shipping).

Build My Church: Trends and Possibilities for Australian Churches

Build my church   These are times of change and opportunity for Australian churches, and this book offers both challenges and possibilities for the century ahead. Build My Church takes a close look at patterns of growth and decline in Anglican and Protestant churches in Australia. Based on the findings from the 1996 church life survey and the 1998 Australian Community Survey, it clearly outlines the challenges emerging for all denominations. Build My Church takes us forward by suggesting 10 research based principles which leaders and attenders can focus on to help them build a positive future. Order now from NCLS ($20 plus shipping).

Taking Stock: A Profile of Australian Church Attenders

Taking stock   Those who attend are the basic resource on which the churches build their future. How ready are they for the new century? Taking Stock explores this by listening to the voices of the Catholic and Protestant attenders as they reflect on their experiences of church life. It also listens to church leaders, asking how well equipped they feel for the task ahead. Taking Stock is the companion volume to Build My Church. Order now from NCLS ($20 plus shipping).