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Leader Guides

The U.S. Congregational Life Survey offers a Leader Guide for use with each of the two reports that participating congregations receive showing their congregation's results.

1. Connecting--A Leader's Guide for Congregational Reflection Using the U.S. Congregational Life Survey will help you and your congregation make the most of your first 8-page report--the Connections Report. The process can be used in a series of meetings held over several weeks or in a weekend or day-long retreat. It's also been used in congregational meetings to allow everyone in the congregation to look at the results and help interpret them. Read the author's overview of the purpose and uses of the Connecting Leader's Guide. Or download the guide now. Connecting (Adobe acrobat pdf file).

2. A second leader's guide is distributed free of charge with the second congregational report--the Strengths Report. This 23-page guide, Your Congregation's Strengths Report--A Congregational Study, Discussion, Planning, and Action Process, will help your congregation (a) recognize present strengths; (b) understand how those strengths compare with other congregations; (c) identify action possibilities that, building on those strengths, will increase your congregation's effectiveness; and (d) implement those actions.

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