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Why identify the uniqueness of Presbyterian worshipers and congregations? The answer goes to the heart of our reason for being: What is God calling us to do and be as a congregation?

This brief report is an invitation for Presbyterians to focus on our strengths and to build on our competencies. Using our strengths in ministry is one way to return thanks to God for these gifts. Can we resist the tendency to focus on present problems in order to imaginatively create the future? De we believe the best years of our congregation's ministry are in the future? Where in the midst of our "present" are we already moving forward to claim a more positive future?

Presbyterians can build on the strengths of discipleship education, the resources of talented leaders and monetary giving, new people in the pews with diverse faith backgrounds, and high levels of civic and community involvement both individually and as congregations. These are areas where we are already strong.

Where would we like to be stronger? What one or two actions could we take to become more like who we want to be?

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