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Packaging and Shipping the U.S. Congregational Life Surveys

Once all surveys were printed, United Mail, in Louisville, Kentucky, took over. They were responsible for assembling unique packages for each of over 3,000 participating congregations.

photo of address labels being put on

This required a multi-step process with many quality checks along the way to ensure that the right package went to the right congregation.

photo of packages

Once assembled, all boxes were placed on two 45-foot FedEx trucks. These trucks, carrying 15 tons of materials, left Louisville on April 12 for Memphis, Tennessee, home of FedEx. From there, packages will be delivered to congregations in all 50 states, Washington DC, and Puerto Rico.

photo of boxes on FedEx trailer

Gordon Colby of United Mail and Deborah Bruce of U.S. Congregations.

photo of Deborah Bruce and Gordon Colby >
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