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A Field Guide to Presbyterian Congregations:

Congregations and worshipers in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) have many strengths when compared to national averages:

  • Larger percentages of PC(USA) worshipers are involved in small group activities in their congregations and in community outreach activities.

  • More worshipers serve in leadership roles in their congregations.

  • Worshipers in PC(USA) congregations are more educated than typical worshipers.
Nonetheless, PC(USA) congregations face several challenges:

  • Presbyterian worshipers are older than typical worshipers.

  • Like in other denominations and faith groups, men are under-represented in the pews.

  • Few worshipers are involved in outreach efforts or evangelism activities of their congregations.

  • Most new people in PC(USA) congregations have come to their churches from other congregations; few are first-timers who have no previous religious affiliation.

  • Most congregations are small with fewer than 100 in worship.

  • Most worshipers are in large congregations.

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