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Beyond the Ordinary
10 Strengths of U.S. Congregations

What are the 10 Strengths?

The U.S. Congregational Life Survey identified 10 key strengths that make congregations successful -- characteristics that can be found in any type of congregation, whether it’s growing or declining, large or small, rural or urban.

Read more. Read about strong Presbyterian congregations. View PowerPoint presentation in Adobe pdf on the 10 strengths of U.S. congregations.

Congregations that go Beyond the Ordinary excel in the following areas:

1. Growing Spiritually -- Beyond the Ordinary congregations help worshipers grow in their faith. Read more

2. Meaningful Worship -- Beyond the Ordinary congregations provide worship services that meet the needs of worshipers. Read more

3. Participating in the Congregation -- Beyond the Ordinary congregations are places where worshipers are involved in many of the activities of the congregation.

4. Having a Sense of Belonging -- Beyond the Ordinary congregations provide people with a sense of fellowship with others. Read more

5. Caring for Young People -- Beyond the Ordinary congregations ensure that the children and youth in the congregation are nurtured in the faith. Read more

6. Focusing on the Community -- Beyond the Ordinary congregations reach out to and serve those outside their doors. Read more

7. Sharing Faith -- Beyond the Ordinary congregations help their worshipers feel comfortable sharing their faith with others.

8. Welcoming New People -- Beyond the Ordinary congregations ensure that new people become part of their faith community.

9. Empowering Leadership -- Beyond the Ordinary congregations help worshipers to share in the leadership of the congregation. Read more

10. Looking to the Future -- Beyond the Ordinary congregations focus on a positive future. Read more

Other things to know:

What is the impact of your worshipers' average age?

What impact does denomination or faith group have?

What about growth?

The strengths of small congregations

Is bigger always better?

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Learn more! Listen to radio interviews with the authors.

A Field Guide to Congregations: Who's Going Where and Why

Book Image: A Field Guide to U.S. Congregations This book presents the first comprehensive portrait of congregational life in the United States . . . based on the results of the U.S. Congregational Life Survey of more than 2,000 congregations and over 300,000 worshipers from across many denominations. The Field Guide seeks to answer questions like, “What are the characteristics of satisfying worship?E“How involved are worshipers in their communities?Eand “How can congregations both recruit new members and retain existing members?EIt provides a portrait of congregational life today in four dimensions: spirituality and faith, activities in the congregation, community involvement, and worshipersEvision for the congregation’s future.

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