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U.S. Congregational Life Survey -- Project Timeline


During 1999, leaders in denominations and other religious organizations were contacted to gain their support and involvement in the project. We worked with our international partners to refine the survey and to pilot test both the survey and the printouts in a wide range of congregations.


Congregations were selected and invited to participate during 2000. This included both congregations in the random sample and those sampled by participating denominations. Pilot testing of the survey and reports continued as we worked to finalize these materials near the end of the year.



Reports, videos, and books will be sent to participating congregations in early 2002 -- our target mailing date is January 2! Throughout the Winter and Spring of 2002, we'll be conducting workshops to help congregations understand and use their printouts. Some of these will be part of conferences and other events offered around the country and some will be stand-alone events for those interested in results of this project. Watch for a posting of scheduled workshop dates.

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