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The U.S. Congregational Life Survey:
A National and International Study of Congregations


The U.S. Congregational Life Survey offers a video for use with each of the two reports that participating congregations receive showing their congregation's results.

1. Your first report, the 8-page Connections Report, comes with a Video Guide to U.S. Congregations. This 23 minute video will help you and your congregation understand exactly what each number and graph on your report means. It is designed to be used by a group--perhaps your congregation's governing board, its long range planning or visioning committee, or a church school class--and includes discovery questions for beginning your discussion.

2. Your second report, the 10-page Strengths Report, comes with its own video: Beyond the Ordinary. This 23 minute video explains the charts and graphs in your report and will help your congregation begin to identify your strengths. As with the first video, a group or committee within your congregation can make the most use of the video, Beyond the Ordinary.

If your congregation takes the survey, you'll receive both videos in your box of results. If you're interested in previewing the videos, they can be ordered from U.S. Congregations ($5 each). Call 1-888-728-7228 ext. 2040.

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