What is the U.S. Congregational Life Survey of Overseas FX Bonus?

Worshipers are what makes a congregation. And the attitudes, opinions, and perceptions of worshipers are essential to understanding congregations and religious life in the United States. Without focusing on worshipers we cannot identify a congregation’s strengths or hope to find avenues for effective congregational change.

Over 500,000 worshipers in over 5,000 congregations have completed the U.S. Congregational Life Survey since the first wave was conducted in 2001. A second wave took place in the fall of 2008 and spring of 2009.

The purposes of the U.S. Congregational Life Survey are:

  • to provide congregations with resources that will help them better understand themselves, identify their strengths, and stimulate their efforts to create a positive future for themselves.
  • to develop resources that help congregations assess their ministries and relate more effectively with their communities
  • to provide a national and international congregational data base that will enable congregations to look at their ministries in relationship to denominational, national, and international benchmarks
  • to provide denominational leaders, congregational consultants, and congregational planners with information and resources to assist congregations
  • to assess change over time

Today all congregations are invited to take the U.S. Congregational Life Survey to learn more about their worshipers and to identify congregational strengths.

Overseas FX Bonus No. 1 GEMFOREX!

GEMFOREX is an overseas Forex trading company that has gained overwhelming support from Japanese traders. Its features are that it is easy for Japanese traders to use and that the bonus is gorgeous.
The manager also actually uses GEMFOREX! Since we can trade with a maximum leverage of 5000 times, we were able to significantly increase assets even with a small amount of funds. GEMFOREX is really recommended because the bonus is especially luxurious compared to other companies!
◎ GEMFOREX account type
All-in-one account No spread account Leverage 5000 times account
Bonus ◎ × ×
GEMFOREX account types can be “all-in-one account”, “no spread account”, and “leverage 5000 times account”, but the bonus is only “all-in-one account”.
Only now! “Leverage 5000 times account” campaign!
With GEMFOREX, you can open a “leverage 5000 times account” only now! Previously, I was able to open a special 1000 account, but in just 5 minutes it will be a phantom account that has been filled up. This campaign is not limited to 1000 accounts, and since the number of accounts is not fixed, anyone can open it!

The maximum deposit amount is 100,000 yen, but if you deposit 100,000 yen of MAX, you can trade up to 500 million yen. In the unlikely event that it becomes negative, there is no risk of taking on debt because there is a zero cut system!

Recommended application method that can also use FX bonuses

① When opening an account, please select “Japanese Yen account (leverage 5000 times)”.
* When you open a leverage 5000x account, an all-in-one account is automatically opened. Therefore, you will not get a bonus with a leveraged 5000x account, but you will get a bonus with an all-in-one account.
② Make full use of GEMFOREX by using the bonus given by the all-in-one account.
③ Deposit to the leverage 5000 times account
Let’s make a full-scale transaction by depositing money in a leverage 5000 times account.
Why don’t you use GEMFOREX’s leverage 5000 times account and aim for a lot of money?

◎ GEMFOREX up to 10,000 yen account opening bonus
The GEMFOREX account opening bonus will be 10,000 yen. In addition, it has a cushioning function, so it can be used as a margin. Since you can multiply the maximum leverage by 5000 times, you can make a sufficient profit even with zero funds.
Currently, GEMFOREX is holding an account opening bonus campaign where you can get 10,000 yen for a limited time. The conditions for earning the account opening bonus are “opening a new account” & “registering an ID card”. One of the attractions is that the conditions are relatively loose.
◎ 100% deposit bonus of GEMFOREX
GEMFOREX’s 100 deposit bonus is a bonus campaign for winners only. Held on the 1st of the month, it is very popular with users because it has a high probability of winning.
Since the bonus is applied not only to the first deposit but also to the second and subsequent deposits, it is OK to deposit in several times during the campaign period!
◎ GEMFOREX up to 1000% deposit bonus jackpot
GEMFOREX’s deposit bonus jackpot of up to 1000% is a campaign in which the bonus return rate is determined by lottery. There is no loss at 2% to 1,000%!
During the campaign period, you can win lottery tickets if you complete transactions of 5 lots or more per day. This jackpot is only eligible for all-in-one accounts, so traders who want to use all the bonuses should open an all-in-one account.

Overseas FX Bonus No.2 iFOREX

iFOREX is a long-established overseas Forex trader that is very popular with Japanese traders. It is also known as a trader who provides a pleasant trading environment for users, such as “providing unique tools” and “very narrow spreads”.
iFOREX has a fast deposit and withdrawal speed and is fully equipped with Japanese language support, so it is highly evaluated by Japanese traders as a very easy-to-use overseas Forex trader. In addition, bonus campaigns and luxury are one of the reasons why they are so popular with traders.
◎ iFOREX account type
Elite account
Bonus ◎
The only iFOREX account type is “Elite Account”!
◎ iFOREX account opening bonus $ 30
When you open an account with iFOREX, you will receive an account opening bonus of $ 30! (This is a limited price on this site.)
This is a bonus campaign that is currently being held for a limited time, so if you want an account opening bonus, we recommend that you apply now!
◎ 125% deposit bonus of iFOREX
iFOREX is holding a 125% deposit bonus campaign. Although it is limited to the first deposit, the 125% bonus rate is the industry’s No. 1 luxury, and it also has a cushioning function, so it is possible to increase the margin at once.
A 100% bonus for deposits up to $ 1,000 and a 25% bonus for amounts over $ 1,000, so if you deposit 130,000 yen, you will get a bonus of 130,000 yen, which will be 260,000 yen when combined with the deposit amount. ..
The first deposit bonus is a special bonus that you can only get once at the beginning, so we recommend that you deposit at least $ 1,000 for the first time! Now is your chance to double your money!

Overseas FX Bonus No.3 IS6FX

IS6FX is an overseas Forex trading company that started its service in 2016 and has a short history of operation. However, it is a Forex trader that is rapidly increasing in popularity due to the high quality of Japanese service, the fulfillment of services, and the luxury of bonuses.
In addition, IS6FX is known for its free transaction fees and narrow spreads, which makes it possible to trade at the lowest possible transaction costs.

IS6FX account type Micro account Standard account
Bonus ◎ ◎
There are two types of IS6FX account types, micro account and standard account, but please note that you can only get the bonus with “standard account”.
◎ IS6FX 20,000 yen account opening bonus
With the IS6FX account opening bonus, you can get 20,000 yen just by opening an account! It also has a cushion function, so you can count it as margin. Bonus acquisition conditions are also OK by opening an account and submitting a personal certificate.
The expiration date of the bonus is relatively long, 60 days, but it is the same as other companies that the bonus disappears by transferring funds and withdrawing profits.

Overseas FX Bonus No.4 XM

XM is an overseas FX company that is popular among Japanese traders because of its high safety, reliability, and polite Japanese language support.
However, while XM offers high contract power, spreads are high. However, because there is a luxurious bonus campaign that can compensate for the high price of this spread, it continues to be selected by Japanese traders.
◎ XM account type
Micro account Standard account Zero seat
Bonus ◎ ◎ ◎
There are three types of XM accounts: micro account, standard account, and zero account, but the bonus is only for micro account and standard account.
◎ XM account opening bonus 3,000 yen
XM’s account opening bonus is 3,000 yen just by opening a new account, and you can trade as it is without deposit. The bonus itself cannot be withdrawn, but it has a cushioning function.
Please note that the bonus will disappear if you withdraw the profit.

Overseas FX Bonus No.5 FXGT

FXGT is an overseas Forex trader that is attractive for its abundant number of stocks and bonus campaigns, and is attracting attention from many traders.
The strength of FXGT is that not only FX but also virtual currency FX can be multiplied by a maximum leverage of 1000 times. In addition, high contract power and narrow spreads are popular. It can be said that it is a highly reliable Forex trader even from the fact that it has perfect security measures and has liability insurance.
◎ FXGT account type
Cent account Mini account Standard account ECN account
Bonus × ◎ ◎ ×
For FXGT account types, only mini accounts and standard accounts are eligible for bonuses.
◎ FXGT new account opening bonus
For a limited time now, FXGT is offering a new account opening bonus of 5,000 yen. The expiration date of the bonus is one month, and it will disappear when you withdraw the profit. The bonus itself cannot be withdrawn as cash, but it has a cushioning function so it can be used for trading as margin.
◎ FXGT deposit bonus
FXGT has a 100% deposit bonus campaign. The bonus rate according to the deposit amount varies depending on the campaign period, but it is attractive that the bonus rate is high, such as 100% to 120%, and it is luxurious.
The FXGT deposit bonus has different rules and target accounts each time, but there are cases where the bonus is applied even after the first and second times.